Mixing WebView and JavascriptCore

Since Leopard, WebKit's Javascript engine (JavascriptCore) is available as a separate framework for our use. That's how JSCocoa bridges Cocoa into Javascript. And you can now interact with JavascriptCore in a WebView ! This list message on passing a JavaScript callback to a WebKit plug-in details how. That means that we can call any JavascriptCore function in a webpage : create custom Javascript classes, add new properties, call any kind of Javascript. Previously WebScriptObject somehow filled the role of setting properties and calling scripts, but with some hairy stuff : evaluateWebScript would return an id and I recall having trouble deciphering the result. Now we can call JSEvaluateScript and get a raw JavascriptCore result !

How ? In WebFrame, the method globalContext will return the JSGlobalContextRef of the WebView. That's the entry point to JSEvaluateScript, JSObjectGetProperty, JSObjectCallAsFunction and all the other usual JavascriptCore functions. This might come in handy !

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