Bracket Mess

JSCocoa will soon get an Objective-J like syntax, mixing Javascript syntax and Objective-C messaging :
// Allocate a new object
var a = [MyObject new]

Mixing both styles looks buggy but is actually correct :

// Make a new array containing a new object
var array = [[MyObject new]]
// Make a new array containing an alloc'ed object, get that object, call init on it, save it in its own array
var obj = [[[MyObject alloc]][0] init]
// (This gets translated as var obj = [MyObject.alloc][0].init

After your object is initialized, you can use Javascript-like access for hashes and dictionaries :

// Allocate a new object as the only element of an array immediate, init it, 
// then gets it 'keys' properties, then the 'name' property of 'keys'
var obj = [[[[MyObject alloc]][0] init] keys]['name']

JSCocoa will translate Javascript array and hash immediates to NSArray and NSDictionary instances, so they can also be used as parameter values ...

var o = [[MyObject alloc] initWithOptions: { orientation : 'vertical', count : 5 }]

or to retrieve an instance to call on to :

// Call a method from an object stored in a js array
var array = [MyObject new, MyObject new]
[array[0] doSomething]

// Call a method from an object stored in a js hash
var hash = { 'value' : [MyObject new] }
[hash['value'] doSomethingElse]
I'm only using these as stress test, no code needs that many brackets !

2009 09 25

This looks remarkably like the Objective-J code used for the Cappuccino framework. Are you doing something similar?

Patrick Geiller
2009 09 28

Yes, I'm following the Objective-J and JSTalk route.

Extending Javascript this way seems like a good idea.

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